Mission & History

The Mederi Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the transformation of healthcare. Our wholistic approach combines botanical and nutritional medicines as primary therapies best suited for the individual. We apply advanced diagnostics and integrate conventional medicine where appropriate with an emphasis on enhancing the quality of life for every patient.

Our goal is to give health care providers and their patients the tools to achieve enhanced vitality and a greater potential for survival.

Mederi does this in three main ways:

  1. We provide personalized, integrative botanical and nutritional strategies to those with cancer and other chronic illnesses through face-to-face consults at the Mederi Centre for Natural Healing in Ashland, Oregon and virtually, via telephone and videoconference.
  2. We train healthcare practitioners to successfully manage a myriad of health conditions through applying the ETMS.
  3. We compile case studies and coordinate clinical research programs regarding our system of healing

Mission & History

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