Other Publications (with mention of Donald R. Yance):

A 5 Time Cancer Survivor: His Grace Made Me Whole 
by Shatrece Buchanan 

If fear has ever gripped you and your family after receiving a bad medical report, then this book is a book you want to read. Her story will truly inspire your will to live even in the face of the most uncertain medical situations.

Perhaps someone has given you or a loved one a terminal medical report, even as your body is experiencing something that neither you, nor the medical community truly understands. Tumors are spreading in your body like an uncontrolled wild fire. If you have ever been asked to cut a dear part of your body off, such as your breasts or you’ve lost your ability to walk due to the pain of your condition, then you want to share in Shatrece’s story.

Or, just maybe you’ve been asked to step on the never-ending treadmill of hospital visits, chemotherapy treatments and radiation therapy along with the agonizing mental and physical side effects of each. Whichever the case, come and share an absolutely riveting account of an Army Lieutenant Colonel, who endured cancer five times while raising a family, deploying to Iraq and leading a ministry. Discover Shatrece’s best offensive weapon in overcoming this dreaded disorder!

Cancer Survival Guide: How to Conquer this Disease and Live a Good Life
by Charlotte Libov

When faced with cancer, timely and educated healthcare decisions are crucial to recovery. Put the odds in your favor with the help of Cancer Survival Guide — the leading manual of its kind, offering the most comprehensive and cutting-edge information on the subject, such as:

Don’t let a cancer diagnosis fill you with feelings of fear, panic, and helplessness. Take back your power with Cancer Survival Guide.

Expect the Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters and the Soul of Skye
by Sue Pighini

Expect the Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters and the Soul of Skye enters a world of extraordinary transformation when three people undergo near death experiences. Each of these individuals feel they have been touched by the hand of the Angels and go on a journey to transform their lives. Change creates confidence.

"'Expect the Extraordinary' by Sue Pighini is definitely a book that makes the case for real, down-to-earth spiritual guidance forged through adversity as well as through joy. Within its pages Sue Pighini presents a thoroughly enjoyable, self-reflective analysis of her own life - one that has had its course steered by divine angels along its way. The book is also a noteworthy reading experience because of the inclusion of several personal photos and the addition of some of the author's favorite quotes. These serve to keep the reader both entertained and informed in equal measure from cover to cover." -Spirituality Today

You Did What? Saying 'No' To Conventional Cancer Treatment
by Hollie Quinn & Patrick Quinn

This is a story about a young woman with a very common but deadly illness who did a very uncommon thing when faced with that disease. She disagreed with her doctors, rejected their treatment advice, and chose her own path to getting well again. She did this in the face of paralyzing fears of dying and leaving behind a motherless daughter. She did this in the face of the daunting task of researching and choosing a better treatment. She did this in the face of the intense pressures of social conformity telling her to listen to her doctors. What she did was extraordinarily brave and forward-thinking. In effect, she forged a better path through a thicket of fear, complexity, and pressure. She forged this path with the help of her husband, working as a team and exhibiting unyielding togetherness. This book chronicles the journey they took together, back to health.

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