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As a Qualified Healthcare Practitioner (QHP), we welcome you to use our dispensary services. Our highly-skilled certified herbalists (AHG members) are here to compound your custom formulations. Or, you may purchase from our broad selection of our botanical stock formulas we call Mederi Medicinals

Apply for a Practitioner Account by completing and returning the Practitioner Account Application. Once your application is processed, we will send you additional support material and order forms to begin using Mederi Dispensary services.

As a QHP, we offer many benefits including a generous discount. Please call 541.488.3133 to inquire about the specifics of these benefits and the QHP discount.

At our clinic, we carry:

  • Large selection of prepackaged, professional-grade supplements
  • 350+ high-quality, single bulk herbs sourced from organic growers
  • 100+ Mederi Stock Formulas (tonics, topicals, teas and powders) formulated by Donnie Yance.
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